Environment & Human Revision MCQ Questions

1. Which processes result in organisms gaining carbon compounds, and in the addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere?

st joseph Q40.PNG

2. Which statement(s) state(s) the purpose of a carbon sink?
I      Release carbon into the air
II     Absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
lll    Create energy for fossil fuels
lV    Keep carbon dioxide from accumulating at a more rapid rate in the atmosphere
A.    ll only
B.    l and lI
C.    ll and lV
D.    l, ll, lll and lV

3. Which graph shows the most likely effect of pollution by sewage on the amount of oxygen dissolved in a river?

macpherson q40.PNG

4. Which property of modern insecticides helps to keep environmental pollution at the lowest level?

A.    They accumulate in the bodies of predators
B.    They are broken down by soil bacteria
C.    They are easily washed into lakes and rivers
D.    They are taken up by plant roots

5. Which of the following practices does NOT help in the maintenance of biodiversity on Earth?

A.    Designating land as nature reserves
B.    Use drift nets for catching large numbers of fish
C.    Planting of forests to replace trees that have been felled for timber
D.    Limit the period of fishing in fishing grounds


Answer: DCABB



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