Ecology Revision MCQ Questions

1. ln the diagram, arrows represent the movements of carbon compounds in the carbon cycle. The circles represents carbon compound in animals, decomposers, plants and the atmosphere.seng kang q38.PNG

2. A bird feeds on a population of insects. The insects feed on the leaves of a tree. Which of the following shows the pyramid of numbers for the food chain?kuo chuan q40.PNG

3. The diagram shows a food web.

st joseph Q37.PNG
At which trophic levels is the leopard feeding?

A.    first and second
B.    second and third
C.    second and fourth
D.    third and fifth

4.  The graph shows the quantities of pesticide that accumulate in four populations, A, B, C and D, each at different trophic levels in a food chain. Which population is most likely to be herbivores?chij katong Q40.PNG

5. A single plant provides food for many herbivores and the herbivores are eaten by the carnivores.

seng kang q39.PNG

6. The graph shows changes in biomass of different organisms in an ecosystem over a 12 month period. Each line represents a different trophic level. Which line represents the herbivores?st joseph q39.PNG

7. The diagram represents the flow of substances within a balanced ecosystem. The boxes are various trophic levels. Which box represents the decomposers?serangoon q40.PNG









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